New Challenges - Eighteen Forty Four
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Bringing your best self to your biggest goals


Is there something you’re truly passionate about?

Have you set yourself a new challenge?

Are you creating something new?


When you truly set your mind on a goal, it’s what makes you come alive. Whether it’s starting up a new business, running your first marathon or setting a world record, the dream will drive you on. It’s your vision, your passion, your North Star. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and what you talk about to anyone who will listen (and even to those who don’t!). You live it and breathe it; it gets under your skin.


Whatever you’re working on you need clarity, focus and momentum. Working with me you’ll set your direction, take action and get big results. I’ll help you to bring your “A” game, and I’ll also help you to sustain it.


If you want to make changes, let’s talk