Career Transition - Eighteen Forty Four
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Do you want to make “work” work for you?


Are you embarking on a new phase of your career journey?

Do you want to reignite your passion for work?

Do you want to explore new opportunities?


Work isn’t just about the job you do and a way of paying the bills – it gives you meaning and purpose, a sense of identity and direction, a chance to use your strengths and develop new skills. It’s a means to connect with others and build relationships, to challenge yourself and explore your potential.


Whether you’re feeling stuck in your current role, wanting to try something new or at a transition point in your career then I’ll help you to bring your best self to the game. You’ll get crystal clear on what’s important to you about life and work, learn how to harness your strengths and move forwards with confidence, clarity and purpose.

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If you want to make changes, let’s talk