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What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself

Aurelius Augustinus

Your Coach

Hi, I’m Penny Barker and welcome to Eighteen Forty Four (or 18fortyfour as it’s more affectionately known!)


During my own squiggly career as a vet, programme manager and management consultant,  I experienced the transformational power of professional coaching. Being an athlete, I’d always associated coaching with sport, but I realised then that the best teachers, mentors and bosses I’d had along the way had all in their own way been coaching me – helping me to discover my strengths, get out of my own way and turn my personal and professional goals into reality. I knew then what I wanted to do – to make that same difference for other people. My mission became simply “to inspire and empower others to do the things that inspire them”.

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Why Eighteen Forty Four?

Eighteen Forty Four has a real personal story behind it which epitomises what it’s about as a company – it was born out of a journey to and beyond the toughest bike race in the world, Race Across America. Eighteen Forty Four is about believing in yourself, challenging your limitations and staying true to your values. It’s about being present in the moment, creating meaningful connections and taking action daily to move forwards.  It’s also about falling down, asking for help and getting back up again. It’s doing the things that make you “you”, the things that make you come alive.  It’s about thriving, both personally and professionally.


Eighteen Forty Four is my own personal development story; I want to help you write yours.

The Eighteen Forty Four Approach

My coaching approach is values-led; whether we are working together to identify the next step in your career or helping you to improve your wellbeing, we will spend time getting clear about what’s really important to you.


Building resilience is a core part of my coaching practice; I believe if we change our thinking, we change our lives and our results. My role as a coach is to hold a space for you to develop and explore your thinking and then to help you to put those thoughts into action; we all learn and grow in different ways but behavioural change and progress comes from doing!

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The Eighteen Forty Four Ethos

I deeply believe in creating opportunities for personal development and making the benefits of coaching available to everyone, whatever their background or budget; I’m always open to creative conversations about how I can help you, whether that’s flexible payments or sharing sessions with a group of friends with similar goals. Everything is possible!


I offer discounted rates for charitable organisations, young people and members of the Armed Forces. I am also committed to using a proportion of the profits from Eighteen Forty Four to support individuals in need and good causes.