Cal Major, Paddle Against Plastic

Cal Major, Paddle Against Plastic |

The coaching programme has transformed my life from a mess of intertangled webs to clarity, focus and drive to move forwards. I have so loved working with Penny to move towards achieving my goals, whilst accepting the changes and losses that come along with leaving behind the things that were making that impossible, but that were a big part of my life. Knowing that I have Penny as a part of my team has been crucial in feeling safe and supported moving towards a new career and to living by my values.

I still feel overwhelmed at times, but feel much better equipped to deal with that, and feel empowered by the knowledge and understanding that has been given to me during the sessions.

I have reconnected to my Why, How and What, creating a template from which to move forward. I believe now that I have the ability within me to achieve my goals and dreams in a more strategic, confident and directed way.