Team Development Programme

The next steps to a high performing team

Their journey starts here...

Would you like your team to work more effectively together?

Would you like your team to be more engaged and motivated?

Do you need to increase your team’s performance?

Whether you need to turn your team’s performance around quickly, or you’re looking to build a new team from the ground up, Eighteen Forty Four can help.

Building and sustaining a high performing team isn't easy but there are key elements that need to exist for any team to perform well. All teams exist somewhere along that spectrum; we will help you find where your team and help you to identify how you get them to where you need them to be. We use proven models and a mix of coaching and training, all of which we can blend to your needs.

We will help your team to Perform at their best, Lead themselves and Inspire each other.

Team Triage

Ideal if...

  • You've been with a new team or a project for a few months and want to take a temperature check
  • You're generally happy with engagement but want to start fine-tuning performance
  • You've a few niggles within the team but can’t put your finger on the problem

What you get...

  • An On-line Team Evaluation
  • A report detailing the results of the Team Evaluation with possible areas for exploration and improvement

Team Breakthrough

Ideal if...

  • You want to kick-start a new project or re-energise the team
  • You need to deal with conflict and improve communication
  • You want a laser focus on a specific subject such as resilience, change management or leadership

What you get...

  • An on-site workshop for your team developed with you to tackle your priority areas
  • A short report following the workshop with the results and your plan
  • A 60min follow up coaching call

Team Performance

Ideal if...

  • You want to catalyse the development of a new team
  • You need a step-change in team performance and engagement
  • You want to successfully plan, deliver and embed sustainable change within the organisation

What you get...

  • A bespoke, multi-modal programme created specifically for your team's requirements. Options include:
    • on-site workshops
    • group coaching
    • on-line learning
    • individual coaching