Personal Performance Programme

A step-change in your personal performance, whatever your challenge

Your journey starts here

Your time is precious and you need results... fast. The good news is that those results are right here and they are waiting for you to catch up. By working with me you'll gain clarity on what's really important to you, true confidence in yourself and your personal vision and the drive to perform at your best and fulfill your potential

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You'll define the future you want to create for yourself - why it's important and what it will give you. This is your vision, your North Star

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You'll get clear on your skills and strengths, developing confidence in both your actions and your communication

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You’ll unlock your inner drive and learn the secrets to motivating yourself and beating procrastination

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By taking purposeful, consistent action towards your goal you will see the results you want and make real, sustainable change

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You’ll get clarity and perspective on what's working, what's not working and what you want to change

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You'll develop a plan of action to achieve your goals, giving you focus, direction and momentum

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You'll learn how to maintain your mental and physical energy, increase your self-awareness and develop more mental flexibility

About the Programme

The Personal Performance Programme is designed to give you real results, fast.

We start with an introductory call to get really clear on what you want to achieve and how working with me will help you. We will then agree how we are going to work together. face-to-face and then crucially, you'll learn HOW TO APPLY THEM in your own specific context.

At the beginning of the Programme you will complete a DISC behavioural profile for which you will receive a full report and a comprehensive debrief of the results with you. This will help you to understand yourself and others better and gives you tools to work with right from the start.

Coaching is typically over the telephone or Skype/ FaceTime but face-to-face options are available on request

Your Questions Answered

Whether you’re leading your first team, new to management or already on the corporate ladder, this Programme is an excellent way to progress your leadership development. It will provide you with confidence and clarity in yourself and in your role, help you to feel more in control and provide a firm base from which to continue to grow both yourself and your team. Leaders never stop learning.

Absolutely, it’s ideal for you. It will help you communicate more effectively with your clients, your suppliers and your team and help you to balance all of the roles you fill, making you more efficient with your time and helping you to feel more in control.

The videos and exercises take about two hours and are broken into easily- digestible chunks. Each day you’ll be putting what you’ve learnt into practice and you’ll be encouraged to reflect on what’s working and what you could do differently.

The live group sessions are twice-monthly and run for 90minutes. If you can’t make the whole call you can come for some of it and catch up with the rest on the recording. You’ll reflect, learn from each other and benefit from live coaching from Penny.

You can share knowledge and ideas and get support from Penny, the team and the community. Everyone is at different stages on their journey and applying the knowledge in different context and there will always be someone who’s sharing the same pain or has solved the same problem.

This programme is personalised to you – it’s about helping you to become the leader that you want to be and giving the confidence and tools to achieve it. You learn key concepts about managing yourself and others and then how to apply them... and you have the support from us and your peers on the way. Through coaching and reflection it raises your self-awareness and helps you to create real sustainable change that will make you more effective and help you to feel more confident in your role.

We know that you want results quickly but we also know that real learning and growth comes from having time apply key concepts and to reflect and self-correct. Leadership is a journey and we promise you will see results soon enough. If there’s something you’re really struggling with that is covered in a later module then you can talk to a member of the team and we’ll help you tackle that area specifically.

Most definitely. The Programme will help your team to understand themselves and each other better, improving communication and reducing conflict. It will increase their productivity by helping them to be more self-motivated and efficient and can form the basis for developing a high performing team. If you’d like to talk the team about our Team Discounts, please email with TEAM DISCOUNT in the header and some details and we will be happy to help.

We also do specific development programmes for teams – check them out here.

The cost of the course is £795 +VAT

No problem, drop us an email at and one of the team will be able to help you and get you started.