About You

  • Do you lack confidence in your own ability as a leader?
  • Are you frustrated by your team’s performance but not sure how to motivate them?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of balancing roles and responsibilities?

Whatever your profession or industry, the more experience you have and the further you advance, the bigger the team you are likely to have to manage - the only problem being that this team doesn’t come with a manual. It's made up of unique individuals each with their own motivations, communication styles and aspirations all of whom you need to understand and manage effectively in order to deliver results.

Chances are there's great technical training available to you, courses that will help you to do your day job - only it's probably not your day job that causes you stress and keeps you awake at night. Maybe you've been on management training but come away still feeling like something's missing, unable to really apply what you've learnt. Perhaps you’re now worried that you're stuck at this level, never going to advance and beginning to feel out of control as you struggle to balance the responsibilities of your role and unable to get your team to deliver to the required standard. You feel trapped between the pressures from above to deliver and the challenge from below from a team that’s neither engaged nor self-sufficient.
That's where Eighteen Forty Four can help...

Through working with Eighteen Forty Four you will gain clarity about who you are as a leader and the confidence to lead by example. You'll have more time and energy to do the things that are important to you both at work and in your personal life and will learn how to develop and sustain a motivated, resilient and high performing team.

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